1. Hola, felicitaciones. El otro día vi un artículo acerca de como crear salpicaduras de color sobre un vidrio negro. Lamentablemente no lo puedo encontrar. Creo que vos sos el autor.
    Si podés, mandame el link. Muchas gracias por tus fotografías.

  2. I just purchased the MIOPS system, the whole system 🙂 I read your article on Water Drop Photography. Since I have a lot of time at home. I am going to start to play. Your article has given me a place to start. Then I visited your site and I am super inspired to create some art. Thanks for sharing and would love to learn how to create some more of this type of photography.

    Do you have any other tutorials or blog posts sharing some techniques?

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for opening up your creativity.

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