Wedding Photography Tips – How to Photograph a Wedding

wedding photography tips

Wedding Photography Tips – How to Photograph a Wedding

Photographing Weddings has its own challenges at the same time it has pleasures of its own. Capturing weddings gives you an opportunity to click a vast variety of subjects as well as allow you to do different types of photography. You can capture portraits, group shots, moments of laughter, rituals, dresses, abstracts and what not.

You might be capturing wedding of one of your acquaintances and looking for some wedding photography ideas or maybe you are on an assignment and wondering how to take wedding photos. So here are some of the photography tips and ideas for capturing Weddings.

Be Alert Always

One of the important wedding photography tips is that you should always be alert. Weddings and rituals are about moments, and many a times the moment lasts for not more than a few seconds. So while photographing weddings one has to be always alert so that one doesn’t miss that lovely moment.

If you are not well known to your camera there is no harm in keeping the camera on the Auto Mode. It would be much better to click a shot/moment rather than miss that moment just because of your camera settings.

Come Prepared

Yes the ‘P’ i.e. Preparation applies here also. By come prepared it is meant that one should know about the equipment one would be using during the wedding. One should know how to change settings of the camera viz. Aperture, ISO or Shutter Speed.

Coming not prepared will make you struggle during the shoot and you might click a shot but due to some silly mistake you loose on the quality of that shot.

Which Wedding Photography Equipment to Use

A lot of photographers approach Photography Tips and Tricks to known about best lens for wedding photography or best camera for wedding photography. Our answer to that is, it all depends on what you want to click and what you want to show in your photograph. There is no specific wedding photography equipment.

For a beginner using a middle telephoto lens is OK since in weddings the bride and groom have a decent crowd around them and using a telephoto lens helps you to capture photographs from a distance and you don’t need to intrude in the crowd. Also the lens helps in capturing candid moments without the subject being much aware of the same.

Avoid Flash

It is recommended that one shouldn’t use flash while doing wedding photography. And there are reasons for that:

  • Using Flash disturbs the subject as well as the people around.
  • It makes the subject conscious and one might miss the real moment.
  • Flash makes your photograph washed out at many places in the photograph.

Don’t miss another ‘P’

Yet another important ‘P’ in Wedding Photography is planning. A very important and crucial point that many a photographers miss before getting into it is planning. If one can plan beforehand a few of the shots that you would like to take than we are pretty sure that you would be class apart from many of the photographers.

If it is possible to visit the venue or the place where the wedding would take place, go there and imagine a few shots and get ideas for wedding. May be if you have imagined a few shots you might ask the subject to stay there for a while or move crowd away from the subject.

As a photographer you are capturing moments of a wedding that would last forever with you as well as the subject. Hope the article about wedding photography tips would help you come out as a better wedding photographer and capture unique wedding pictures.

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