Top 10 Wedding Photography Tips and Ideas – Take Unique Wedding Photos

wedding photography tips

Top 10 Wedding Photography Tips and Ideas – Take Unique Wedding Photos

Wedding is the most auspicious event in the life of an individual. It is the most memorable time we all want to capture with the help of beautiful photographs. For documenting the wedding and events related to the wedding often we look for someone with a creative vision. Wedding photography is by far the most widely used genre in photography.

Explore the following 10 wedding photography tips and ideas

wedding photography ideas

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Communicate with the couple

A very important aspect of good wedding photography is comfort level with the subject. In this case, your subject is the couple. It is very important that even before the event of wedding photography there must be proper communication in between the couple and the photographer. It enhances the level of comfort. Also, clear discussions will help you to understand what kind of photos the couple is expecting from you.

Take a good look at the wedding location

It is highly recommended to all photographers engaged into wedding photography to scan and have a good look at the event location. Depending on the time of the shoot you will get to know what kind of lighting you will be experiencing while photographing the event.

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It is important to understand the rules of the location

Different wedding locations have different rules and norms. A photographer must be well aware of the norms. Information?s of such nature can be obtained from the couple itself. If not, one can directly call up the venue or the wedding planner for such information.

List down the important shots you will be taking

A good photographer will list down what kind of shots he wants to take. Many times it happens that you miss some nice shots to be taken and realize it when the wedding is over. Such moments are never repeated. Hence, after discussing with the couple list down the entire list of shots you will be taking and plan the setups accordingly.

Keep backup equipment

A failure of tools and equipment is a very common scenario. Electronic goods can fail anytime for any reason. You must have your backups ready. Two set of cameras, lenses, batteries and storage are some of the very basic tools you must keep a backup of while undergoing wedding photography.

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An assistant is required

Being a single individual you cannot run to all the areas of the wedding location for taking candid shots. Many times when you are engaged with the guests taking some group shots you can miss some candid moments shared among the bride and the groom. Hence, it is advised you to hire an assistant photographer along with you. A capable assistant knows where to cover up for you.

The approach must be humble and polite

Many times some unwanted situations like, the guests pushing the photographer away occur. To avoid such situations you must be little firm as well. At times you also have to be humble. A fight or a quarrel is unwanted in a nice event. However, there also likes the fact that a wedding is about the bride and the groom and hence no compromise must be made to take good photographs of the couple.

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Turn off sound of the camera or lights

A wedding event is full of fun, laughter, candid conversations and rejoices. Among all these the technical sounds that a camera makes is not at all welcomes by anyone. It is recommended to turn the equipment sounds off while covering a wedding event.

Use RAW mode

You are recommended to use RAW format when covering a wedding event. A raw file format is where there is minimum processed data.? RAW file will give you a lot of data and hence you can recover enough exposure amount and details in the wedding images even when lighting conditions are not good. If compared with the JPEG file format, RAW is much more safe and recommended for onetime events like a wedding.

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Basics must always be kept in mind

To cover a professional wedding event is not a piece of a cake. It is a job entrusted to an efficient photographer based on his previous works. The individuals who are getting married expect amazing photographs as this is the biggest event in their lives.

Hence, the entire responsibility of the photographer is to learn the basics very good so while taking photographs there is no experimentation’s to be done. Remember a wedding cannot be repeated and hence photos cannot be taken over and over again. You need to give your best shot.

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