Top 10 Portrait Photography Tips for Stunning Photos

portrait photography tips

Top 10 Portrait Photography Tips for Stunning Photos

Shooting people or group of people comes under the genre of portrait photography. Portrait photography covers expression, personality and mood of the person. The focus area of such kind of photography is always the person whom you are shooting. In many portraits one can also involve some part of the background to portray the situation or the event where the photograph of the subject has been taken.

Portrait photography needs a lot of practice in real time. Picking candid moments defining the persona is not an easy task. However, here are some simple ways you can follow to make your hands better on portrait photography:

portrait photography tips

Photo: Brandon Warren @Flickr

Change the viewpoint or the vantage point

Most portrait photography is made with the same level of the eye contact of the subject. A change in the angle of the camera or a new vantage point while taking a portrait shot can bring out amazing shades in the same portrait.

Angles play a very crucial role in the field of photography. Try using a shot from high up or from too below the portrait and see what amazing angles it can create.

Make eye contact a strong point in the photographs

Playing with the eye contact of the person who is shooting can create amazing effects. You can ask the subject to look outside somewhere else and not to the camera lens. It will mean the subject is looking at a particular direction.

Also you can ask the subject to look within the camera frame at some point to create a different effect. Such photos raise many questions as to where the person is looking and towards what are his eyes focused.

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Photo: Dan Foy @Flickr

You can experiment with the composition

Rule of thirds teach that the subject should be at one third area of the entire composition. You can sometimes experiment with it and keep your subject at an extreme center.

You are required to also experiment with the lighting

Lighting is a crucial weapon in the field of photography. You as a photographer of portraits can play as much as you want with lighting conditions. Try using silhouettes techniques or shoot photos using side light, back light or even at various angles to create awesome portraits.

portrait photography tips

Photo: Chris Zerbes @Flickr

Try taking candid shots

Candid are those shots which are not staged or posed. Many people, particularly young children can create some amazing candid moments. Try capturing such portraits with your subject. An insider?s trick is to engage the person you are shooting into some interesting conversations. And in between these conversations try capturing wonderful expressions.

Try asking the subject to come out from their zone of comfort

For taking some out of the box portrait moments you have to try to make your subject move out of their zone of comfort. Portrait photography cannot be interesting if the subject keeps sitting in the same place. Photos will be boring. To create exciting moments try some action shots.

portrait photography tips

Photo: Peter Grifoni @Flickr

A prop can be really helpful

Sometimes using a prop or a secondary in animated object along with a person in portraits can create a deep meaning to the entire snap. A prop can create a sense of depth, significance or comparison in portrait photography

Close up photos can be experimented

You can sometime take extreme close up shots of your portraits. You can intentionally cut out most areas of the body and focus on one part. It creates a level of mystery and anticipation when the viewer will look at such photographs.

portrait photography tips

Photo: Ray Bilcliff @Flickr

Try hiding the subject partially

For creating a certain level of dramatic feel to portraits in portrait photography, you can try hiding some portion of the face of the subject and at the same time focus on the part exposed.

Sometimes this can be done with hands, or by the use of some props like cloth or garment or even light and shadow. It brings the users eyes to get focused on the portion of the face exposed. A good photograph knows how to guide the eyes of the viewer to the exact point of focus.

Use continuous shooting mode

Shooting in continuous mode can give you some amazing moments one after another. Such mode is often used if you want to choose the best snap out of a stock of snaps later. This is also used many times by photographers to present multiple photos in one set. Rather than having one photo you can have a lot of photos with various expressions on them.

Photo: Flickr

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