Top 10 Landscape Photography Tips to Take Stunning Images

landscape photography tips

Top 10 Landscape Photography Tips to Get Stunning Images

When we shoot the environment or open spaces it is landscape photography. Landscape photography is a really popular genre of photography and most of us have done us during our trips. Shooting the nature is a very favorite hobby among travelers and globe trekkers.

However it can also cover man made infrastructures which form a part of the nature. However the subject is not as simple as it sounds. Many types of scenery which looks stunning with the empty eyes when photographed do not create an impression.

To click beautiful landscapes you need to learn certain tricks and basics. Shared are some of these ideas:

what is landscape photography

Photo: Transformer18 @Flickr

What does your landscape say?

Every landscape is exposed to light. When light moves from one direction to the other the nature and feel of the landscape changes. Such changes say a lot about the terrain. Through various light and shadow effects one can see themselves how the mood of a particular land changes. Hence, when taking landscape photographs make time to understand the light first and then take the shot that best defines the place.

Shoot in golden hours

Photographs taken early morning when the sun rises can bring out some amazing landscape shots. The light that comes and touches a landscape or scenery early morning throws an amazing golden sunny color to it. Nothing can compare to such lighting conditions and these photographs will come out to be really beautiful.

best lens for landscape photography

Photo: Bernd Thaller @Flickr

Do not worry about not being perfect

A large dynamic range is experienced when photographic landscapes due to lighting conditions. In open fields you cannot control lighting conditions by any means. In such cases you can make use of ND filters or Polarizing Filters.

You can use software to balance lights in such cases. Many times photos can be imperfect. But the same imperfect can also win a lot of recognition if it is considered under the abstract category.

Look everywhere when out on a landscape shoot

You must keep your vision open. Many times while shooting some amazing landscape that is in front of us we forget the beauty behind us. You must look everywhere all around you for capturing the most beautiful photos.

best camera for landscape photography

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Use latest apps and software

Some software?s are extremely important to be kept handy while you are out on your landscape photography trip. With the advancement of technology there are now new software which can show you weather conditions or the direction of the sun on a particular day for a specific landscape. Hence, it makes you prepared your shot wisely.

Landscape photography is not just about equipment

You must understand a true fact about photography. A good photographer is not made by the help of costly equipment or cameras. A photographer who has a good eye can become really good in his work no matter what medium he is using. Similarly, while out on a landscape photography trip even using your mobile camera you can take some beautiful shots.

landscape photography settings

Photo: paul bica @Flickr

Certain post processing do not work on landscapes

Using a lot of filters or using a lot of post processing techniques on landscape photos takes away the originality and the look and feel of the place. Many times editing is crucial as light conditions can be unfavorable. However a good photographer tries not to engage into much editing at all.

The same landscape can be shot repeatedly

A landscape looks different in different time of a day or season. You can keep going back to the same location and take new shots of it. Also repeating your hands on the same subject opens many new ways of shooting. Hence, you can always give time and experiment on same locations.

landscape photography tutorial

Photo: grazie davvero @Flickr

One can even shoot in a bad weather

A cloudy stormy day usually does not give very good landscape photos as the light and shadow element is missing in such weather. However you must never lose hope and pack up your camera.

Who knows in between the clouds a ray of sun can pour in and make your photograph dramatically enhanced in just one moment? So, never take a condition to be a bad when shooting.

Sense your own judgments rather than others advice

For every photographer it is important to have faith on their own judgments rather than take blind advises from others. How one person captures a particular landscape must not make you blind enough to take the same photograph in the same way. Always try experimenting with your shots.

So, use these landscape photography tips and take awesome photos every time.

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