How to Change Skin Tone in Photoshop – Retouching Tutorial

how to change skin tone in photoshop

How to Change Skin Tone in Photoshop – Retouching Tutorial

How to change skin tone in Photoshop is a must learn subject for every photographer because many times while shooting people often it is observed that the skin tone of some part of their body has mismatch of color than some other part. The obvious causes of such differences in skin tone color can be due to tan, make up or skin discoloration. Like every problem has a solution this too has. And it has a very simple solution explain step by step here.

Really cool settings like levels, adjustments and color settings integrated with some cool trick of using different groups together using a single layer mask can make a picture have same skin tone at every exposed place. Here is the step by step method about how to change skin tone in Photoshop.

Analyze the area of skin color mismatch

The first step to successful photo enhancement is to analyze the imperfect areas. A new layer on the original image is a good idea to begin. Using the brush you can first start sampling some color from the skin of the body. Take different color samples from diff body parts from dark to highlights and keep each sample at a corner of the photograph on this new layer.

The reason why you must take samples of diff skin tones is to understand what?s happening with the image. And analyze inside your mind that for changing one color to another what steps are required to be taken.

Analyze which skin area is required to be dark and which light

In a scenario where the face is much lighter than the rest of the body you need to darken the tone of the face and maybe add more warm colors to the dark areas.

Use Levels

While learning how to change skin tone in Photoshop one must understand that these settings will work differently for different photos. Hence one must use their own discretion. From the levels instead of using the RGB channel to tweak the dark and light levels select red and tweak the same settings. This will make the redness of the skin either go lighter or darker as per your need. Choose warm output to the face by using more of yellow or orange tones.

Group layer and usage of layer mask

The next step would be to group this layer with itself and to add a layer mask to it. This is because we want to changes to happen only on the skin tone and not on the entire photograph. Using the layer we can paint white on the black on the entire face area so it shows us the layer beneath with a warm tone.? Going back to the level you can tweak the colors red, blue and green and find the perfect tone.

Hue saturation settings

The final step is to work on the saturation level of the color which gives the most natural looking photograph.

How to Match Skin Tones in Photoshop


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