Create Beautiful Landscape Pictures Using Photoshop

beautiful landscape pictures

Create Beautiful Landscape Pictures Using Photoshop

Beautiful landscape pictures comprise almost the majority of our travel photo albums. Each one of us on our trips and travels love to take photographs. However, many times a little enhancing of the photos is required using simple photo editing tools like Photoshop for a better look.

By exposure it means what is the amount of light or dark the image will possess when the photo is being taken. This can be tweaked in software as well using the multiple exposure combination technique. However, this does not mean you have to use different photos with different exposures.

Photoshop allows you to use the same image and use different exposures to create a perfect balanced picture. You do not require to be a great photographer for creating beautiful landscape pictures. It can be done right in Photoshop. There are two basic things one needs to know when combining different levels of exposure. That is, the dark levels and the level of lights.

A rightly balanced photograph is where the dark and the lights are balanced. If your photograph is imbalanced it is recommended you bring up the dark and lower the lights as the case may be.

  • Enhance dark areas of a photograph?-?Keeping the original photo layer unharmed duplicate the layer once. Once done by opening up the adjustment curve setting enhance the curve RGB value little at a higher value to lighten darks. Merge this with the layer of the photo.
  • Balance an over lighted area in a photo -?Over here you have to first make a duplicate copy of the original image. Using the same curve setting lighten the curve. And then merge or join these two layers. So, now we have three layers. One having the original image, one with a lighter image and third one with the darker image.
  • Blending of the different image versions with different exposures?- The next task is to blend these three images in a balanced manner so it can be counted as one of the beautiful landscape pictures. For this we can make use of the amazing layer mask tool of Photoshop which takes a screenshot of whatever you see on the screen. We choose Invert from the Apply image setting in Image menu to the lighter version of the photo. What it basically do it it lightens the dark areas and darkens the bright areas.
    To the darker photographer apply the same layer mask tool. However this time while applying Apply image function in Image menu do not choose the Invert option. What it does is it shows us the bright areas of the image.

Using different exposure levels of the same photograph and enhancing it to bring a balanced is a far better approach than just using a Curve tool on the entire photograph and increasing the level of the RGB value.

By following this video step by step guideline you can understand how to do it.


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