Children Photography Basic Tips – How to Click a Child?

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Children Photography Basic Tips – How to Click a Child?

Children photography is indeed a challenging task. It is because they need to be photographed in a different manner depending on whether they are known to you or not. We generally tend to approach unknown objects in a different way as compared to objects we are well acquainted with.

For instance, generally, you would tell your family photographer to capture images of your own infants when they look their best and are dressed in attractive, clean clothes. The photograph of a child comes out to be best when he smiles for the camera.

However, a slanting approach may pose when, for example, you pay a visit to another part of the world and photograph him/her as part of the local colour of a street scene. Baby photography, hence, is a demanding task and we shall here detail you about the tips and tricks to crack the nut.

Beginner tips on Clicking Kids and Babies

So, by now, the photography challenge is clear. You need to bring the two approaches together and maintain the tempo of both the pictures. Children photography is more or less about being honest while recording – being more honest when approaching your own child, while being respectful when your photographs feature other people’s young ones, especially those that belong to a different culture.

The trick is an informed photography, since the more we know, the more observant our photography becomes. The technique is to get indulged with the baby you wish to photograph by trying to learn about the games that they play, or take a keen interest in their pastimes.

While capturing pictures of your own baby, concentrate on recording some instinctive moments that occur in everyday family life instead of capturing obviously staged images. The kids tend to fluctuate too easily – they either pose too readily or not pose at all.

The photography trick is to keep clicking until they get bored of you. Capture whatever they do: if they are being shy, aim at them. Sooner or later, young babies will get tired and let you get on with shooting. The basic tip is to maintain your patience level and observe all what they do.

Public Standards in Children Photography

You may face unexpected risks while capturing a child, for the photographer needs to also understand the desire to protect the child’s safety. While photographing children who are not your own, you should be more cautious. In public spaces, such as parks, beaches or schools, remember to maintain the decorum and remain alert. A tip to remember – most importantly, seek the permission of parents or guardians before starting to photograph.

Child’s Psychology to be kept in mind

Young ones often learn to pose from an early age. Children portrait photography comes out best when you engage your subject in a conversation. When you are assured of their interest in the conversation, you will notice that they will stop playing up to the camera. This tip is workable as then they stop running about and become easier to keep in focus. You get a chance to set maximum aperture and throw the background out of focus. By using a shorter exposure time, you can click a perfect picture and get the desired results.

How to think out of the box?

While shooting images of kids, keep in mind the fact that images of children are not only about them, but also about the space they live in. Zoom out your focus and capture the child in relation to the world at large. This way children photography becomes discrepant instead of monotonous.

Advantages of Children Photography

The perks of kids photography is that a distraction too can be beneficial for the photographer at times. Such distractions not only take the children’s eye off the camera, they also portray your subject as lost in his or her world. The trick is to not be tempted to keep only the best photographs, instead record the best of the moments and call for many exposures. Such judgments vary over time, so hold on to everything you shoot.

Children Photography Tips and Tricks

Indeed, this particular field is challenging. This is because children are small, laid down, and move very quickly. The photographer must possess stamina and fitness and also quick reflexes. The following tips would help you in shooting a child with an ease:

  • With infants of a very tender age or while shooting maternity photography, try shooting at a fixed distance. Focus your lens manually to, for instance, 0.5 m (18 in) and keep your subjects in focus by drifting backward or forward as they move. Kids tend to move very quickly but only over short distances. Rely on autofocus and pour in a little effort and your images will be superior.
  • When you photograph a group of children for the first time, aim a few shots in the first minute – get them used to the sound of the camera or the electronic flash’s light. This way you will exploit their short attention span. This trick is viable since the moment they hear the camera working, they will soon lose interest and ignore you.
  • If you are aiming for professional photography of children, the best equipment to be used is SLR cameras or compact interchangeable lens Camera. They will give the most suitable results if equipped with a prime lens. We suggest you these cameras since they give you more flexibility than the regular compact point-and-shoot cameras. You also need the shortest possible shutter lag, if you are not to miss out on the really instinctive images.
  • While shooting in low light, increase the ISO setting in accordance to the setting where the lens uses maximum aperture. This trick is handy when using non-professional lenses. If you have high-quality optics, use the widest aperture freely, but then focus more carefully.

Casual approach

A child’s heart always keeps wandering and questing for new subjects. For instance, if your subject finds a large fountain in hot weather, it will be irresistible for him. So while doing casual children, keep in mind that you photograph without letting him/her realize that they are being clicked.

Capture Different Emotions

To capture predictable happy pictures of children is easy and makes for a dull viewing. While experimenting with child portrait photography, try to capture images when children get crossed, cry aloud with frustration, exhaust themselves, or fight or play with siblings. Happy moments can be easily recorded, therefore go in for such moments with compact and responsive cameras and camera phones available in the market.

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