Change Photo Background using Photoshop Quickly and Easily

change photo background

Change Photo Background using Photoshop Quickly and Easily

To change photo background we do not need a hard core graphical training. Anyone from a novice to a learner or an advanced can change the background of a photo pro with the help of some simple techniques.? The real challenge and trick is how accurately can this be done so the final photo does not look superficial at all.

We all love taking snaps of our selves at different moments of life with the intention to keep the record of the moment for a memory.? Not being professionals in photography we often focus on the person whose picture we are clicking and neglect the background.

After taking a perfect shot giving the best expression we realize that the there are unwanted people or subject at the background. Thus, our entire effort goes waste. The perfect solution is to change photo background keeping in mind certain features which will give you a new, synchronized beautiful photo.

Let?s take an example of a man sitting on the grass at a park and you want to make it look as if it is not taken at the park but at some picturesque location.

  • Observe the original photo first that is the photo where a man is sitting at a park. Light is the most crucial element in any photograph. If the direction of light is not synchronized in between where it comes in the original image and where it comes on the background image you can never have a naturally edited photo. To change photo background light forms the first element to be taken care of for a perfect final photograph.
  • Figure out where the horizon of the original photo is. As you are already aware horizon is an imaginary line we draw in air where the sky and the earth is differentiated. The horizon level at the background of the photo where the man is sitting at the park must roughly match the horizon at the background.
  • It is important first finalize the background image and then refine it for a perfect tool. You can use of the layer system various photo editing software provides and add the background image at the back of the original. A quick use of lasso selection tool and cutting out the man will erase the background easily. Now, check how the image is looking at a glance. Another quick tip is to convert the photos into black and white mode temporarily for finalizing the color tones.
  • Once the background is finalized the next challenge is to mix the original with the background. Use various clone tools you can use materials from the background and add in the original to make them look similarly located. Make modifications with the transparency levels for a finer look.
  • Finally in the color mode you need to make tweaking in the color values so both the photos looks to be taken at the same point of time.

It?s very easy to change background in Photoshop or even change background color in Photoshop, watch following videos to learn how to remove image background and add your own.

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