15 Fashion Photography Tips to Take Stylish Fashion Photos

fashion photography tips

15 Fashion Photography Tips to Take Stylish Fashion Photos

For every aspiring photographer having a dream to shoot for fashion as a subject, the various fashion photography tips shared in this article can be really helpful. The genre of photography dealing with the display of fashion items, clothes and other products with the help of a model is known as fashion photography. This kind of photography is primarily conducted to advertise or promote some kind of a product for someone. With time, this field of fashion photography has reached its heights and expanded its priorities.

For an ideal shoot dealing with fashion photography here are some useful tips:

Rehearse before the final shoot

It is important to understand that the model involved in a fashion shoot must portray an adequate level of confidence and comfort. It is also the responsibility of the photographer to keep the model comfortable. Stress and anxiety or distraction or indecisiveness in the photographer can take away the model?s focus completely.

Hence, it is advised to make preparations and rehearse the shoot techniques, props, location of the model and lighting etc way before the actual day of the shooting.

fashion photography tipsUnderstand what is fashion photography

A photographer must have a clear understanding about what is exactly meant by fashion photography. It is not just shooting a model It is rather portraying the actual message with the help of the model. Uniqueness and out of the box are two most crucial elements a fashion photographer must always try to learn and inculcate in them.

The best camera for fashion photography

While choosing a camera for fashion photography it is recommended to go for a camera which supports a large sensor as it provides really good image quality. Choice of camera highly depends on the shooting technique followed by you and the kind of lighting desired.

Choose the best lens for fashion photography

Using a prime lenses is recommended in fashion photography as the amount of glass in them is less and gives a sharp image. Along with a fast aperture they allow shallower amount in depth of field. These mid priced lenses are good for the pocket as well.

Take care of fashion photography lighting

For an ideal fashion shoot the location of a studio is considered to be the best. This is because it gives absolute control over the lighting conditions. Shooting inside the studio involves metering all the areas to avoid unnecessary shadows. For a much more accuracy in the reading it is recommended to use a metering device other than the camera.

fashion photography tipsIt?s all about beauty and clothes and fashion products

Yes, fashion photography is really all about beauty and shooting clothes and fashionable items for promotions. Hence, everything related to that product must be pulled off efficiently. Depending on the product the theme of the photograph must be thought after.

Posing an equally important element

The final photograph will cease to appeal you if the model posing for you is wrongly placed. It is a difficult subject and can be mastered with time and experience. One can read about it in details to understand the subject. Creating some angular poses of the body or some offbeat posing techniques helps creating different looks to the photo.

fashion photography tipsCreate a home studio

One can create a small home studio if one is unable to bear the cost of hiring a professional studio along with costly equipment. Fashion photography tips for creating an ideal location at home is to choose a big clear room having big windows bringing in a lot of outdoor lighting. Across the window put a big white sheet. For a sunny day this will act as a soft box for your home fashion shoot.

Extra source of light

In fashion photography at outdoors often a problems faced by photographers is that on a cloudy dull day the lighting is not enough for a good shot. In such cases one requires extra set of lighting like a flash.? However instead of using flash and taking a direct photograph try using the flash on a reflector held close to the model. At different angles of this reflector some amazing different effects can be created. However take a lot of care to avoid unwanted shadows.

Props in fashion photography

For a fashion photo shoot narrative in nature props can be used intelligently. One of the most popular fashion photography tips to use a prop for enhancing a photo is to make use of mirrors. Mirror can create a lot of stories in fashion photography. It is important to do a spate reading before taking the photograph for avoiding or cutting of exposures. Care must be taken to see there are no unwanted reflections as well.

fashion photography tipsLocation

So far the most important thing in a fashion shoot event is the location. The location says half the story one is trying to communicate through the photograph.? For example: you are shooting to promote a particular clothing line then an urban setting on a sunny day can be a great idea. Shots involving natural surroundings like the beach, woods, farmland etc can create a beautiful effect to the entire photograph.

Work on angles in fashion photography

Fashion photography tips encourage aspiring photographers to experiment a lot to master the subject. By using your feet to move around the subject can help you discover unique vantage points. The primary idea is to create an interesting looking photograph. If people do not find the photograph interesting then they might not consider purchasing the product being promoted.

Earning your break

For every fashion photographer beginning his or her journey in this field it is to be clearly understood that no one can give a break to anyone. One has to earn it by creating an amazing portfolio consisting of some unique fashion shoots. Begin requesting your friend or cousin to model for you initially and gradually build up your work portfolio.

Following trends can kill

Just like time, fashion keeps changing. However, this does not imply you have to change the way you think about fashion. Create an individual style and work around it. However, it is equally important to be aware of the trends going on in the market and portray a flavor of it in your works.

fashion photography tipsConsistency

The magic that will help one be a successful fashion photographer is consistency or tenacity.? Only a consistent person who goes on practicing and experimenting with the model to create fashion photos will see the flavor of success first. Having a patient mind is really important as it is difficult to get a breakthrough in this industry.

How to get into fashion photography is the question which most individuals ask and the right answer is to learn, learn and learn. To enlighten one about the difficult part is to say that like any other field making a breakthrough in this industry requires time and patience. There is no fixed rule of success in the fashion industry. It is only one who undergoes the grinding of labor, practice and patience gets to the topmost positions as a fashion photographer.

Climbing up the stairs of the subject of fashion photography often requires an extra set of hands. One of the best fashion photography tips is to gather a friend, family member or hire an assistant for the practice sessions. A lot of change in the lighting tools, equipment, reflectors is involved in this genre of photography which is difficult to attain single handed.

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