Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau

trick photography and special effects

Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau

trick photography and special effectsTrick photography and special effects can be of immense help for you if you want to awestruck people by some artistic looking photographs. A simple DSLR camera of any kind along with some creative ideas can help you create unique creative photographs. One does not require a very expensive camera gear to take decent photographs.

It is a real wrong concept that expensive cameras will fetch you better photographs. It is actually the opposite. An eye for perfection, knowledge about composition, light and some creative ideas can help you with professional quality photographs even with the most basic DSLRs.

A camera is actually a medium. In the field of creative and trick photography the main focus is on the creative idea and not on the camera gear you are using. Really artistic images can be made by using techniques of trick photography and special effects. Even a basic entry level DSLR can even help. Just get yourself a basic camera.

trick photography and special effectsOne great artistic photograph can be making light trails with your DSLR.? By this we mean, painting in the air with light and taking a photo where the entire flow of this light is frozen. To do light painting it is important to know little about shutter speed in the camera.

The shutter speed is the speed at which the shutter of the camera closes and opens itself. When the shutter opens it allows light to enter in to the camera lens while when it closes it blocks the light. Depending on the timing you set for shutter speed the camera will keep its shutter open for that amount of time thus capturing everything that is happening during that time span.

Keeping the shutter speed to a certain amount of time. You can take a light and make some cool hand movements in the air.? These light trails do not mean just waving light. It is a form of art which can be explored to a great extent.

With the help of some amazing varieties of lights found in the market and some various techniques of movement one can create some cool light painted photographs. Trick photography and special effects tutorials will give you a detailed step by step know how as to how you can use different movements to do light painting on the DSLR.

Having some insight about photo editing and enhancing software like Adobe Photoshop you can really boost up your photographs. However, it is not mandatory to know Photoshop it is just an added advantage. Photoshop can help you do wonderful tricks. This amazing tutorial guideline has almost 300 creative trick photography techniques that will surely grab a lot of attention.

The course is in the form of an eBook and there will be added visual help with photos and videos explaining each and every button click made by the experts to create jaw dropping creative photographs. Learning and using them can soon fetch you huge views on your photographs and even help you win some cool photo contests.

trick photography and special effects

Some Examples of Creative Trick Photography


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