Top 10 Macro Photography Tips and Ideas – Macro Photography Tutorial

macro photography tips

Top 10 Macro Photography Tips and Ideas – Macro Photography Tutorial

What is macro photography? Well, macro photography or micro photography is a genre of photography where photographs are taken from extreme close vicinity of the subject. Here, when a photograph is taken from so close it makes the small objects appear larger in size.

Special kind of lens called macro lens can be used for taking such macro photographs.? Here are some quick tips and tricks to create absolutely stunning photographs with a macro lens.

When shooting in macro you can use external flashes

This is one of the important macro photography tips. When you shoot an object from really close and you want to create a reasonable depth of field it means that you are required to keep the aperture at a high value say, f/11 or f/16, which also means less amount of life entering the camera.

In such cases investing into external flashes can be really helpful.? For objects which are moving in nature like a small insect it is also absolutely necessary to keep the shutter speed fast so it can capture the movement clearly. Hence, an external flash allows you to keep shutter speed fast and narrow aperture for a perfect macro shot.

You must learn to use manual focus mode for this kind of macro photographs

For taking stunning macro photographs you must first understand the nature of the subject. If it?s an insect hovering continuously it is recommended to use the manual focus mode of the camera instead of the autofocus mode. The constant hovering will keep on using the auto focus to focus and then refocus. Thus, you might lose the moment just like that.

It is highly important to be patient in approach

Macro shots taken by expert photographers in the world are efforts made by devoting a lot of time on them. It is seldom found that insects will sit quietly at one place for really long. Losing patience is the first trait of a bad photographer.

Taking time to crop the final image is compulsory

Many times when we take a photograph it is not possible to create a composed image real time. In such case, editing tools and software come to our help. A photo when cropped for a compact composition can bring out the best in its look and feel.

You can try out various extension tubes

Extension tubes help you take macro photographs without using a macro lenses in your ordinary camera. It is a tube made of metal which is placed in between the lens and the body of the camera where it mounts.

What it does is it moves the lens far from the camera in distance and the front part close to the subject. It helps you focus on it more clearly. Over here, the auto focus will not work hence you must activate the manual focus mode.

You must learn to find when a tripod is required

If shutter speed of the camera is kept at a low speed it leads to shaking of the device. Using the camera in the hand while taking snaps at low shutter speed can give you bad blurry shaky pictures.

It is during these times one needs to use a tripod. For photographing subjects where light is really dull many times it becomes mandatory to decrease shutter speed and hence a tripod is needed.

Learn the settings of the aperture

Macro lenses offer to keep aperture number even as wide as at f/2.8. However, just because it gives you the provision to keep the aperture so wide open doesn?t means that you will keep it. Because when you keep the aperture so wide then you?ll get shallow depth of field.

Take time to adjust the shutter speed of the camera

It is another important aspect of the camera. You must learn how to adjust settings of the shutter speed. Macro photography involves taking photographs of small living objects like insects, fishes, butterflies etc. They move so rapidly so the shutter speed must be high.

Last but not the least, learn to observe and not just see

We all see but rarely most of us observe. For a stunning macro photograph it is always suggested to learn to observe small ignorable things also.

Do not give up easily

While shooting macro photograph of insects many times it becomes a real challenge of patience for the photographer. It is rare that insects and living objects will be static for a long time. One must be determined to not give up easily.

So here are some macro photography tips. Many people ask me question that what is the best macro photography equipment? There is no specific equipment like there is no best camera for macro photography or best lens for macro photography. You can take awesome macro photographs with your existing gears.

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