Photography Masterclass by Evan Sharboneau – Become a Pro in No time

photography masterclass

Photography Masterclass by Evan Sharboneau – Become a Pro in No time

photography masterclassHelping you take more than average quality photographs with the DSLR consistently every time is the main subject matter of the photography masterclass. It might be so that you are in an entry level and does not possess a good camera or might be thinking about purchasing one soon.

Having a DSLR and not knowing any settings makes it really long to learn it all by you. No one is really interested in looking at an average photograph. Here is the best and fastest way to be a master of the subject.

You can spend years to study on your own. However, not only is it time consuming but also ineffective as there will be no one to guide you and criticize you in case you are taking a wrong photograph.

This online video tutorial photography masterclass will help you get a big leap in the field of photography. Most courses teach you things half. Some will teach you about how to use the physical camera but will never teach you about what a composition is. This course has 4 modules in it:

Help to know your DSLR:

The first part of this tutorial will help you understand your DSLR camera. Basic camera settings, features and functions like aperture, ISO, exposure, focusing modes, metering modes, the white balance. A complete understanding about the DSLR will be achieved when you complete this module one.

photography masterclassAll about photography equipment:

A good photographer must have all the knowledge about various photography equipment’s. This module is perfect for those individuals who are in a dilemma about which DSLR to buy. Different cameras will be compared, knowledge about different type of lenses will be given and complete information will be shared about the use of these different equipment. A 50 page equipment guide pdf will help you learn effectively.

Studies about the composition and light:

It is rightly said that a good camera does not make a good photograph but the right eye for things can make even an average image be of great quality. Basics of composition are something that you have to learn to develop a good eye for taking good photographs. Pictures will be watched only if they are interesting enough to grab the viewer?s eye. The main intention is to draw the attention of the viewer.

This module of the photography masterclass tutorial will also give a good insight about lights and how to use different type of lights to set up the mood of a particular situation.

Post production techniques:

Many times even a good photograph needs to be edited or color corrected in the post production stage. In this module you will be taught editing techniques using Adobe photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. This module will help you perfect your photographs with an amazing vibrancy and brightness in each and every snap you take once after completing the entire tutorial.

photography masterclass

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